Gum Surgery

Clinical Expertise

Our gum specialists have years of experience ensuring a pain free and wonderful clinical outcome. The following discusses important information as it pertains to gum surgery.

Types of Gum Surgery

  1. Gingival Flap Surgery - When pockets become more than five millimeters in depth, our periodontist specialists will perform this type of procedure. This allows us to reduce the pockets that were noted in the patient’s chart. Most patients who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe to periodontitis would go through this procedure.
  2. Gingivectomy - Our periodontist specialists perform this procedure to remove excess gum tissue that might have overgrown on the teeth. This provides a better area to clean thoroughly clean the teeth. The gum tissue is numbed and we eliminate the extra gum tissue in the mouth.
  3. Gingivoplasty - Our periodontist specialists perform this procedure to reshape healthy gum tissue around the teeth to make them look better. If a patient has recession around the tooth where the gum has pusched away from the tooth, our periodontist specialists often times will perform this treatment.

What Should I Know for After Gum Surgery?

Following surgery, consistency it is important. We will inform you the proper methods of cleaning teeth and the surrounding gum tissue to help ensure the treatment provides the best results. Our periodontist and hygiene specialists will work closely with you as we want you to receive the upmost attention, care and the best short and long term results.

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