Impacted Teeth Extraction

Clinical Expertise

Impacted teeth can become a serious dental problem it not detected and treated early on. Our impacted teeth specialists have decades of experience and use the finest technologies to ensure a fabulous, pain free experience.

What is an Impacted Tooth?

An impacted tooth is one that fails to properly pass through gum tissue. This is usually because something prevents its normal eruption into the mouth, such as dense soft tissue, bone, cysts and other examples. When a tooth fails to emerge, it is considered to be impacted. The most common form of impacted teeth are patients with impacted wisdom teeth. These are by far the most common form of impacted teeth that need removal. The second most common teeth to become impacted are the maxillary cuspids that are commonly known as the canines.

The Importance of Early Detection

As with any dental problem early detection is critical in order to lessen further problems and financial burdens. Early detection also helps ensure a successful treatment. Things to look for that might indicate there are impacted teeth:

  • Missing adult teeth
  • Extra teeth
  • Crowding
  • Unusual growths that block eruption of certain teeth
  • Not enough space available causing problems in adult teeth

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